Short-term safety and effectiveness of the mCLIP partial prosthesis

Thomas Rasse, Lisa Niederwanger, Joachim Hornung, Lava Taha, Susan Arndt, Christian Offergeld, Dirk Beutner, Nicholas Bevis, Thomas Lenarz, Magnus Teschner, Esther Schimanski, Georg Sprinzl, Astrid Magele, Piotr H Skarżyński, Łukasz Plichta, Christoph Arnoldner, Dominik Riss, Benjamin Loader, Franz Windisch, Nina RubiczPaul Martin Zwittag

Research output: Journal article (peer-reviewed)Journal article


PURPOSE: This multicentric, retrospective study aimed to analyze the short-term safety and effectiveness of the mCLIP Partial Prosthesis.

METHODS: Patients underwent tympanoplasty with implantation of a mCLIP Partial Prosthesis. Follow-up examination included ear microscopy and pure-tone audiometry to determine the post-operative pure tone average of the frequencies 0.5, 1, 2 and 3 kHz (PTA4). The post-operative PTA4 air bone gap (ABG) was used to evaluate the audiological outcome. A post-operative minimum and maximum follow-up period was not defined. Thus, the follow-up times of each study center were different, which resulted in different follow-up times for the audiological analysis and for adverse events (AE).

RESULTS: 72 (66 adults, 6 children) patients were implanted with the mCLIP Partial Prosthesis. 68 (62 adults, 6 children) patients underwent audiological examination; all 72 patients were examined for adverse events. All patients (N = 68): 72.1% of the patients showed a PTA4 ABG of ≤ 20 dB. Individual post-operative bone conduction (BC) PTA4 thresholds were stable in 67 patients. The mean post-operative follow-up time was 78 ± 46 days. Children (N = 6): 5 out of 6 children showed a PTA4 ABG of ≤ 20 dB. None of the children reported a BC PTA4 deterioration of > 10 dB HL after the implantation. The mean post-operative follow-up time was 101 ± 45 days. Adverse events (all patients, N = 72): 15 (14 adults, 1 child) patients had AEs (27 AEs and 2 Follow-Ups). The mean post-operative follow-up time was 375 days.

CONCLUSION: Clinical data show satisfactory audiological parameters after implantation of the mCLIP Partial Prosthesis. The prosthesis is safe and effective for implantation in children and adults.

TRIAL REGISTRATION NUMBER: NCT05565339, 09 September 2022, retrospectively registered.

Original languageEnglish
JournalEuropean Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 22 Dec 2023


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