Quality of life and treatment goals in psoriasis from the patient perspective: results of an Austrian cross-sectional survey

Peter Wolf, Wolfgang Weger, Franz Legat, Clemens Painsi, Werner Saxinger, Robert Müllegger, Paul Sator, Gudrun Ratzinger, Sylvia Selhofer, Leo Richter, Wolfgang Salmhofer, Bernhard Lange-Asschenfeldt, Franz Trautinger, Alexander Mlynek, Robert Strohal, Matthias Augustin, Franz Quehenberger

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BACKGROUND: Patients with psoriasis experience impairment in quality of life. Thus, high-quality dermatological care is of particular importance.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: We performed a nationwide cross-sectional survey in Austria (BQSAustria Psoriasis 2014/2015) with a special focus on quality of life and satisfaction with treatment among psoriasis patients predominantly treated at tertiary care centers.

RESULTS: Overall, 70.2 % of 1,184 patients reported impaired quality of life (DLQI 2-5: 29.4 %; 6-10: 19.3 %; 11-15: 11.5 %; 16-20: 5.2 % and > 20: 4.9 %) despite treatment over the preceding four weeks (topical treatment in 88.2 % of cases and/or systemic treatment in 38.7 %). On average, none of the 25 defined subjective treatment goals was achieved to a sufficient degree. In particular, 82.2 % of patients continued to have pruritus despite treatment, which was highly significantly associated with a poor general health status over the preceding week (Spearman's rank correlation; p = 1.1e-45), the extent of body surface area (p = 3.2e-11) and scalp area (p = 3.2e-11) affected, as well as pain (p = 2.3e-22). Treatment with a biologic was significantly correlated with higher patient satisfaction (Wilcoxon-Test, p = 2.0e-16).

CONCLUSIONS: Despite dermatological care, the majority of Austrian psoriasis patients continues to experience impaired quality of life; there is potential for improvement in the achievement of treatment goals.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)981-990, 981-991
Number of pages10
JournalJDDG - Journal of the German Society of Dermatology
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2018


  • Austria
  • Cross-Sectional Studies
  • Humans
  • Pain
  • Pruritus
  • Psoriasis/complications
  • Quality of Life


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