German translation, cultural adaptation and validation of the Person-Centred Practice Inventory-Staff (PCPI-S)

Christoph Von Dach, Nanja Schlup, Stefan Gschwenter, Brendan McCormack

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BACKGROUND: The person-centred practice framework represents the cornerstone of a middle-range theory. Internationally, person-centredness has become an increasingly common topic. The measurement of the existence of a person-centred culture is complex and subtle. The Person-Centred Practice Inventory-Staff (PCPI-S) measures clinicians' experience of a person-centred culture in their practice. The PCPI-S was developed in English. Therefore, the aims of this study were (1) to translate the PCPI-S into German and to cross-culturally adapt and test in the acute care setting (PCPI-S aG Swiss) and (2) to investigate the psychometric properties of the PCPI-S aG Swiss.

METHODS: The two-phase investigation of this cross-sectional observational study followed the guidelines and principles of good practice for the process of translation and cross-cultural adaptation of self-reporting measures. Phase 1 involved an eight-step translation and cultural adaptation of the PCPI-S testing in an acute care setting. In Phase 2, psychometric retesting and statistical analysis based on a quantitative cross-sectional survey were undertaken. To evaluate the construct validity, a confirmatory factor analysis was implemented. Cronbach's alpha was used to determine the internal consistency.

RESULTS: A sample of 711 nurses working in a Swiss acute care setting participated in testing the PCPI-S aG Swiss. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated a good overall model fit, validating the strong theoretical framework, which underpins the PCPI-S aG Swiss. Cronbach's alpha scores demonstrated excellent internal consistency.

CONCLUSION: The chosen procedure ensured cultural adaptation to the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The psychometric results were good to excellent and comparable with other translations of the instrument.

Original languageEnglish
Article number458
Pages (from-to)458
JournalBMC Health Services Research
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2023


  • Critical Care
  • Cross-Sectional Studies
  • Ethnicity
  • Factor Analysis, Statistical
  • Humans
  • Translations


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