Assessment of PSMA Expression of Healthy Organs in Different Stages of Prostate Cancer Using [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11-PET Examinations

Holger Einspieler, Kilian Kluge, David Haberl, Katrin Schatz, Lukas Nics, Stefan Schmitl, Barbara Katharina Geist, Clemens P Spielvogel, Bernhard Grubmüller, Pascal A T Baltzer, Gero Kramer, Shahrokh F Shariat, Marcus Hacker, Sazan Rasul

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The efficacy of radioligand therapy (RLT) targeting prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) is currently being investigated for its application in patients with early-stage prostate cancer (PCa). However, little is known about PSMA expression in healthy organs in this cohort. Collectively, 202 [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11 positron emission tomography (PET) scans from 152 patients were studied. Of these, 102 PET scans were from patients with primary PCa and hormone-sensitive biochemically recurrent PCa and 50 PET scans were from patients with metastatic castration-resistant PCa (mCRPC) before and after three cycles of [177Lu]Lu-PSMA-RLT. PSMA-standardized uptake values (SUV) were measured in multiple organs and PSMA-total tumor volume (PSMA-TTV) was determined in all cohorts. The measured PET parameters of the different cohorts were normalized to the bloodpool and compared using t- or Mann-Whitney U tests. Patients with early-stage PCa had lower PSMA-TTVs (10.39 mL vs. 462.42 mL, p < 0.001) and showed different SUVs in the thyroid, submandibular glands, heart, liver, kidneys, intestine, testes and bone marrow compared to patients with advanced CRPC, with all tests showing p < 0.05. Despite the differences in the PSMA-TTV of patients with mCRPC before and after [177Lu]Lu-PSMA-RLT (462.42 mL vs. 276.29 mL, p = 0.023), no significant organ differences in PET parameters were detected. These suggest different degrees of PSMA-ligand binding among patients with different stages of PCa that could influence radiotoxicity during earlier stages of disease in different organs when PSMA-RLT is administered.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1514
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 16 Apr 2024


  • mCRPC
  • prostate cancer
  • PSMA expression
  • PSMA-PET scans
  • radioligand therapy

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  • Oncology
  • Cancer Research


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