Surgical Experience and Early Audiological Outcomes With New Active Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Implant

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OBJECTIVES: Our objective was to report the very first surgical experiences, audiologic benefits, and satisfaction with the new active transcutaneous bone conduction implant, generation 602 (BCI602), in patients with mixed/conductive hearing loss (M/CHL) and single-sided deafness.

METHODS: A retrospective chart review from patients who underwent BCI602 surgery was performed.

RESULTS: Twelve subjects were implanted (mean age 33.17 ± 21.67 yrs). Mean surgery time was 29.89 ± 8.59 minutes, with the longest being a difficult passive-BCI explantation due to excessive osseointegration. No surgical nor post-surgical complications occurred. No pre-operative surgical planning for device placement was necessary, no BCI-lifts were used and complete transmastoid implantation was possible. The mean functional gain in the M/CHL cohort significantly increased after 3 months (ρ < .0001). The mean word recognition score (%) in quiet for the M/CHL group significantly improved at activation and 3 months post-surgery (ρ = .0002; ρ < .0001). At the 3 months follow-up the subjects reported high satisfaction with the device accompanied with a mean wearing time of 10.13 hours per day (range 18-6 h/d) resulting in a reported battery change of every 8.29 ± 0.49 days.

CONCLUSIONS: These early results of the new BCI602 showed significantly improved audiological performance, no limitations during surgery (youngest subject 2 yrs at surgery), no prior surgical planning necessary, accompanied by high patient satisfaction and increased wearing time. Based on these results, the BCI602 can be highly recommended and especially for difficult anatomical and surgical cases and the given indication for children older than 5 years should probably be revaluated.Level of Evidence: Level 4.

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