New developments in radiation oncology for head and neck cancers

Christoph Resl, Petra Georg*, Carmen Döller

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Treatment of head and neck cancers is multidisciplinary involving surgery, radiotherapy and systemic treatment. The disease outcome depends on multiple factors involving tumour biology and behaviour as well patient’s clinical condition and comorbidities. Taking into account all these factors, the treatment decision should be tailored according to tumour characteristics and patient’s needs. Treatment could be de-intensified on the one hand, or intensified on the other hand, with the aim to achieve the best therapeutic outcome. New developments in radiation oncology shift the focus toward personalised patient treatment including clinical information, multimodality imaging and early assessments of treatment response to adapt the treatment.

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FachzeitschriftMemo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 23 Aug. 2023

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