Mid-Term Migration Behavior of an Uncemented Proximally Anchored Straight Stem-A Retrospective EBRA Migration Analysis

Philipp Blum, Johannes Neugebauer, Alexander Keiler, David Putzer, Julius Watrinet, Sebastian Biermeier, Dietmar Dammerer

Publikation: Beitrag in Fachzeitschrift (peer-reviewed)Artikel in Fachzeitschrift


BACKGROUND: Aseptic loosening is one of the most-common causes of the failure of cementless stems. Einzel Bild Röntgen Analyse-Femoral Component Analysis (EBRA-FCA) allows the diagnosis of stem migration, which can be considered a factor in predicting implant survival. The current study aimed to present the migration behavior of a tapered proximally anchored straight stem.

METHODS: This retrospective study reviewed all consecutive patients who received a cementless CBC straight stem (Mathys AG, Bettlach, Switzerland) between 2005 and 2019. We analyzed the migration pattern using the EBRA-FCA software and reviewed their medical histories. In addition, periprosthetic radiolucency was rated according to the Gruen zones and femoral configuration according to Dorr.

RESULTS: A total of 333 stems in 332 patients (female 191; male 141) met our inclusion criteria. The mean age at surgery was 63 (range 21-87) years. Migration analysis by EBRA-FCA showed a mean subsidence of 1.6 mm at final follow-up at 96 months with a maximum noted mean subsidence of 2.0 mm at 72 and 84 months. Dorr Type A showed a tendency of less subsidence than did Dorr Type B and was statistically significant at 6 (p = 0.0396) and 72 months (p = 0.0127). The body mass index (BMI) and increased subsidence were not found to correlate (p > 0.05). For this cohort, the overall femoral revision-free rate was 95.2% and the revision-free rate for aseptic loosening was 99.1%.

CONCLUSIONS: The results showed migration behavior in cementless stems with initial increased migration and subsequent secondary stabilization, suggesting an excellent long-term outcome. Stem migration of this tapered proximally anchored stem might be lower in Dorr Type A than in Dorr Type B femurs without being statistically significant at all time points.

FachzeitschriftJournal of Clinical Medicine
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Juli 2023


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