EBRA Migration Analysis of a Modular, Distally Fixed Stem in Hip Revision Arthroplasty: A Clinical and Radiological Study

Philipp Blum, David Putzer, Johannes Neugebauer, Markus Neubauer, Markus Süß, Dietmar Dammerer

Publikation: Beitrag in Fachzeitschrift (peer-reviewed)Artikel in Fachzeitschrift


Background: Massive osteolysis of the proximal femur makes stem revision a challenging procedure. EBRA-FCA provides the opportunity to determine stem migration, which is considered a predictive factor for implant survival. In this study, we aimed to analyze the migration behavior of a modular, distally fixed reconstruction prosthesis. Methods: Applying a retrospective study design, we reviewed all consecutive patients who received a cementless MP reconstruction prosthesis (Waldemar Link GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, Germany) at our Department between 2005 and 2019. We reviewed medical histories and performed radiological measurements using EBRA-FCA software. Results: A total of 67 stems in 62 patients (female 26; male 36) fulfilled our inclusion criteria. Mean age at surgery was 68.0 (range 38.7–88.44) years. EBRA migration analysis showed a median subsidence of 1.6 mm (range 0.0–20.6) at 24 months. The angle between stem and femur axis was 0.3° (range 0.0°–2.9°) at final follow-up. No correlation between body mass index and increased subsidence was found (p > 0.05). Overall revision-free rate amounted to 92.5% and revision-free rate for aseptic loosening to 98.5%. Furthermore, no case of material breakage was detected. Conclusions: In summary, the MP reconstruction prosthesis showed low subsidence and reduction in the migration rate over the investigated follow-up. Based on this, the modular stem can be considered as a good therapy option in challenging stem revisions offering various options to address the individual anatomical situation.

FachzeitschriftJournal of Clinical Medicine
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 3 Okt. 2022

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