Development and validation of a self-reported questionnaire to assess occupational balance in parents of preterm infants

Mona Dür, Anna Röschel, Christiane Oberleitner-Leeb, Verena Herrmanns, Elisabeth Pichler-Stachl, Barbara Mattner, Silvia-Desiree Pernter, Martin Wald, Berndt Urlesberger, Herbert Kurz, Thomas Frischer, Karl Zwiauer, Angelika Berger

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BACKGROUND: Parents' meaningful activities (occupations) and occupational balance are relevant to neonatal care. Valid and reliable self-reported measurement instruments are needed to assess parents' occupational balance and to evaluate occupational balance interventions in neonatal care. The aims of this study were to develop a self-reported questionnaire on occupational balance in informal caregivers (OBI-Care) and to examine its measurement properties including construct validity and internal consistency.

METHODS AND FINDINGS: A mixed method multicenter study design was employed. Items of the OBI-Care were created with parents of preterm infants based on qualitative research methods. Measurement properties were analyzed with quantitative data of parents of preterm infants. Construct validity was assessed by determining dimensionality, overall and item fit to a Rasch model, differential item functioning and threshold ordering. Internal consistency was examined by determining inter-item and item-total correlations, Cronbach's alpha and Rasch's person separation index. Fourteen parents participated in item creation. Measurement properties were explored in data of 304 parents. Twenty-two items, summarized in three subscales were compiled to the OBI-Care. Items showed an overall fit and except one item, an item fit to the Rasch model. There was no evidence of differential item functioning and all items displayed ordered thresholds. Each subscale had good values of person separation indices and Cronbach's alpha.

CONCLUSIONS: The OBI-Care demonstrates construct validity and internal consistency and is thus a suitable measurement instrument to assess occupational balance of parents of preterm infants in neonatal care. OBI-Care is generic and can be applied in various health care settings.

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FachzeitschriftPLoS ONE
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Nov. 2021

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