Carbon ion radiotherapy in the management of unusual liposarcomas: A case report

Viviana Vitolo, Amelia Barcellini, Piero Fossati, Maria Rosaria Fiore, Barbara Vischioni, Alberto Iannalfi, Angelica Facoetti, Maria Bonora, Sara Ronchi, Emma D’Ippolito, Rachele Petrucci, Gisela Viselner, Lorenzo Preda, Mario Ciocca, Francesca Valvo, Roberto Orecchia

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Background: Liposarcomas are the most common soft-tissue sarcomas in adulthood. Orbital and spermatic cord liposarcomas are uncommon and there is no consensus on their management. The treatment of choice is wide excision, which may be destructive and lead to unacceptable morbidity. When surgery is declined by patients and in recurrent disease, management can be challenging. We report two cases of liposarcoma treated with carbon ion radiotherapy at the National Center for Oncological Hadrontherapy (Fondazione CNAO) in Italy. Case Report: A woman with orbital liposarcoma and a man with spermatic cord liposarcoma were referred to our Center and accepted for carbon ion radiotherapy. The treatment was well tolerated and late toxicities were mild. Good local control was achieved in patients. Conclusion: In our experience, carbon ion radiotherapy is an effective and safe option, especially in cases of tumor at high risk for local relapse, in patients with multiple local recurrences, and in patients who refuse destructive surgery.

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FachzeitschriftIn Vivo
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - März 2019
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