Übersetzung des revised MISSCARE Survey zum deutschsprachigen revised MISSCARE-Austria: Anwendung der TRAPD-Methode

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Background: Questionnaire translations in German-speaking nursing science rely on methods using first- and backtranslation techniques despite increasing criticism. In contrast, the TRAPD method is recognized as best practice in intercultural social research. However, experience with the application of this method in German-speaking nursing science is lacking. Aim: To describe the utilization of the TRAPD method using the example of the translation of the revised MISSCARE Survey from English into German and to discuss necessary adaptations, advantages, and limitations of this approach. Methods: An adapted version of the team-based translation method TRAPD was implemented through the steps: preparation, translation, review, adjudication, pretest, and documentation, based on the GESIS guidelines for intercultural questionnaire translation. Results: The new revised MISSCARE Austria instrument consists of 85 items. For the majority of the items, equivalent terms or phrases were found that allowed for a straightforward translation. For some items an adaptation was necessary due to cultural, measurement- and construct-related aspects. Translation equivalence regarding challenging items was examined with the first author and promoted by multiple cognitive pretesting with nurses. Conclusions: Our study strengthens the argument that the TRAPD method is appropriate for translating measurement instruments in German-speaking nursing science. However, this example shows that further experience with this method is necessary for its further development for our discipline.

Titel in ÜbersetzungUsing the TRAPD method to translate the revised MISSCARE Survey from English into German: Revised MISSCARE-Austria
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01 Aug. 2023


  • Committee Approach
  • Methodological study
  • Questionnaires
  • Translation
  • TRAPD method
  • Austria
  • Reproducibility of Results
  • Humans
  • Translating
  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Translations

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